Chen, Hsing-Mei Project
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Chen, Hsing-Mei Project

  1. Primary investigator. New southbound study abroad. Professional issues in transcultural nursing: Taiwan. H110-A181, 84,000. 2021.12.24.-2023.12.31.
  2. Primary investigator. Fluid control educational intervention on improving thirst, fluid intake, depression, sleep interruption, and heart failure severity in patients with acute decompensated heart failure. MOST 107-2314-B-006 -022 -MY3, 2,427,000. 2018.08.01-2021.07.31
  3. Primary investigator. Using the commonsense model to guide the person-centered self-care intervention on improving symptoms and quality of life in patients with heart failure. MOST 103-2314-B-006 -057 -MY3, 3,152,000, 2016.02.25-2016.12.31.
  4. Primary investigator. New southbound policy- academic alliance. 臺教高(二)字第1060089574B, 200,000, 2017.03.01-2018.12.31.
  5. Primary investigator. Excellent new teachers and researchers academic research project subsidy. D106-35A27, 300,000, 2016.02.05-2016.12.31.
  6. Primary investigator. The effectiveness of self-care intervention on health-related quality of life, readmission, depression, and sleep disturbances in people with heart failure. National Science of Council, NSC101-2314-B-037-059-MY2 , 1,650,0002012.08.01-2014.07.31.
  7. Co-PI. Workplace Bullying and its related factors in nurses. Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, 100,000,2013.02.01-2014.01.31.
  8. Co-PI. An exploration between life qualities of brain tumor patients who underwent a surgical treatment and care needs of their primary caregivers. Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, 100,000,2013.02.01-2014.01.31
  9. Primary investigator. Home-based self-care intervention in people with heart failure: a randomized clinical trail. National Science of Council, NSC100-2314-B-037-005, 500,000, 2011.08.01-2012.07.31.
  10. Co-PI. The effectiveness of a predischarge education program on self-care, quality of life, and rehospitalization in patients with heart failure.  Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, 100,0002012.01.01-2012.12.31.
  11. Primary investigator. Depression, anxiety, anger, sleep, and biomarkers in patients with heart failure. Kaohsiung Medical University, Q100015 150,000, 2011.01.01-2011.12.31.
  12. Primary investigator. Self-care, predictors of self-care, and the relationship between self-care and quality of life in people with heart failure: A preliminary study. Kaohsiung Medical University, KMU-Q098013, 300,616, 2010.02.10-2010.12.31.
  13.  Co-investigator.  Study on Medical Payments for Chronic Kidney Disease and Kidney Transplant Systems. Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health, R.O.C. DOH97-HP-1104,  9039, 240, 2009.12-2011.8.
  14. Primary investigator. Sleep disturbance and its related factors in nursing students. Chang-Gung University of Science and Technology, EZRPF380121,30,000,2009.03.01-2010.02.28.
  15.  Co-investigator. Exploration of Intention, Environment and Performance on Science Learning and Evaluation of Fine Web Learning Program, National Science of Council, 98-2629-S-255-001-, 560,000, 2009.08.01- 2010.07.31.
  16.  Co-investigator. Co-investigator, Study on Medical Payments for Chronic Kidney Disease and Kidney Transplant Systems. Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health, R.O.C., DOH97-HP-1104. 7,500,0002008.10.06~2009.11.30.
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