Content Map for Master Program for Nurse Practitioners
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Content Map for Master Program for Nurse Practitioners



Core Competencies

Clinical/ Health Care

Clinical/Health Education

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Evidence-based Care

Professional Leadership


Semester I


Advanced Nursing

Roles and Functions

Advanced Health Assessment and Examination

Advanced Biostatistics

Spring Semester I

Research and

Evidenced-Based Nursing


Diagnosis And Management I

Advanced Nursing Practicum I (Nurse Practitioner)


Semester II

Leadership and Management

Diagnosis And Management II

Advanced Nursing Practicum II (Nurse Practitioner)

Spring Semester II

*Advanced Nursing Practicum III (Nurse Practitioner)

Master Thesis I

Master Thesis II

*Note. The public-funded students and students who do not have a nurse practitioner certificate must take the Advanced Nursing Practicum III, to reach a total practicum hour of at least 504 hours for graduation.