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Chen, Ching-Min Publications

PUBLICATIONS (Recent 3 years)

1.          Nursalam, N., Chen, C. M.*, Efendi, F., Has, E. M. M., Hidayati, L., Hadisuyatmana, S. (2019). The lived experience of Indonesian nurses who worked as careworkers in Taiwan. The Journal of Nursing Research.

2.          Efendi, F., Chen, C. M.*, Kurniati, A., Nursalam, N., & Yusuf, A.(2018). The situational analysis of nursing education and workforce in Indonesia. The Malaysian Journal of Nursing, 9(4), 20-29.

3.        Huang, S. Y., & Chen, C. M.* (2018). Elder neglect: A concept analysis. The Journal of Health Sciences, 5(1), 19-33.

4.        Lu, M. S., Chen, C. M.*, Wu, L. C., & Wang, Y. H. (2018). The effectiveness and related factors of Taiwan’s long-term care professional manpower training (Level I common curriculum). International Archives of Nursing and Health Care, 4(2), 1-6.

5.        Hsieh, P. L., & Chen, C. M.* (2018). Nursing competence in geriatric/long term care curriculum development for baccalaureate nursing programs: A systematic review. Journal of Professional Nursing, 34(5), 400-411.

6.        Kuo, M. C., Chen, C. M.*, & Jeng, C. (2018). A randomized controlled trial of the prescribed stepper walking program in preventing frailty among the dwelling elderly: Application of comprehensive geriatric assessment. Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation34(3), 223-333.

7.        Hsieh, P. L., & Chen, C. M.* (2018). Geriatric nursing and long term care content in baccalaureate nursing programs in Taiwan. International Journal of Gerontology12(1), 52-56.

8.        Kurniati, A., Chen, C. M.*, Efendi, F., & Berliana, S. M. (2017). Factors influencing Indonesian women's use of maternal health care services. Health Care for Women International39(1), 3-18.

9.        Lu, J. F., Chen, C. M.*, & Hsu, C. Y. (2017). Effect of home telehealth care on blood pressure control: A public healthcare centre model. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 1357633X17734258.

10.    Kurniati, A., Chen, C. M.*, Efendi, F., Elizabeth Ku, L. J., & Berliana, S. M. (2017). Suami SIAGA: Male engagement in maternal health in Indonesia. Health Ppolicy and Planning, 32(8), 1203-1211.

11.    Hsieh, P. L., & Chen, C. M.* (2017). Long term care nursing competence and related factors among Taiwanese nurses: A national survey for those who completed the LTC training course. Geriatric Nursing, 38(3), 192-198.

12.    Kurniati, A., Chen, C. M.*, Efendi, F., & Ogawa, R. (2017). A deskilling and challenging journey: The lived experience of Indonesian nurse returnees. International Nursing Review, 64(4), 494-501.

13.    Chen, H. M., Tu, Y. H., & Chen, C. M.* (2017). Effect of continuity of care on quality of life in older adults with chronic diseases: A meta-analysis. Clinical Nursing Research, 26(3), 266-284.

14.    Chen, H. M., & Chen, C. M.* (2017). A Chinese version of the patient continuity of care questionnaire: Reliability and validity assessment. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 26(9-10), 1338-1350.

15.    Chen, H. M., & Chen, C. M.* (2017). Factors associated with quality of life among older adults with chronic disease in Taiwan. International Journal of Gerontology, 11(1), 12-15.

16.    Hsieh, P. L., & Chen, C.M.*(2016). Nurse-led care models in the context of community elders with chronic disease management: A systematic review. The Journal of Nursing, 63(4), 35-49.

17.    Efendi, F., Chen, C. M.*, Kurniati, A., & Berliana, S. M. (2016). Determinants of utilization of antenatal care services among adolescent girls and young women in Indonesia. Women & Health, 57(5), 614-629.

18.    Hsieh, P. L., Wang, S. H., Chen, C. M.*, Wake, J., & Yeh, C. C. (2016). Community integrated support centers: The experience of Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan. The Journal of Nursing, 63(5), 108-114.

19.    Efendi, F., Chen, C. M.*, Nursalam, N., Indarwati, R., & Ulfiana, E. (2016). Lived experience of Indonesian nurses in Japan: A phenomenological study. Japan Journal of Nursing Science, 13(2), 284-293.


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