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Chen, Ching-Min Publications

PUBLICATIONS (Recent 3 years)

  1. Wang, Y. R., Lee, H. F., Hsieh, P. L., Chang, C. H., & Chen, C.* (2023). Relationship between Physical Activity and Perceptions of Ageing from the Perspective of Healthy Ageing among Older People with Frailty with Chronic Disease: A Cross-Sectional Study. BMC Nursing, 22 , 319. https://doi: 10.1186/s12912-023-01481-9
  2. Im, E. O., Wang, H. H., Tsai, H. M., Sakashita R, Oh, E. G,, Kim, H.,& Chen C. M. (2023).The Current Status of Research Mentoring in Nursing Across 4 Countries: A Discussion Paper. Adv Nurs Sci., 46(3), 277-292. https:// doi: 10.1097/ANS.0000000000000449
  3. Wang, Y. R., Lee, H. F., Hsieh, P. L., & Chen, C. M.*(2023). Development of the healthy aging perspectives questionnaire among older adults with chronic disease in Taiwan. Health & Social Care in the Community,2023 ,1-12.
  4. Suwannasarn, K.*, Othaganont, P., & Chen, C. M. (2023). The predictive factors of subjective well-being in older adults living alone: A mixed-methods approach. International Journal of Gerontology, 17, 44-48.
  5. Kung, P. J., & Chen, C. M. (2022). Competency and related factors in preventing emerging infectious diseases among nurses in iong-term care facilities in Taiwan. Healthcare, 10(5), 894.
  6. Efendi, F.*, Chen, C. M., Kurniati, A., Arief, Y., & Ogawa, R. (2022). The course of broken dreams: the expectations and realities of the life of Indonesian nurses as care workers in Japan. Collegian, 29(5), 680-687.
  7. Kung, P. J., & Chen, C. M. (2022). Usability of mobile applications: A concept analysis in health promotion. Taiwan Journal of Public Health , 41(2), 142-155.
  8. Han, T. C., Lin, H. S., & Chen, C. M. (2022). Association between chronic disease self-management, health status, and quality of life in older Taiwanese adults with chronic illnesses. Healthcare, 10(4), 609.
  9. Chen, C.-M., Yu, C-Y., Chen, K.-M., & Kuo, Y.-W. (2022). Role function and policy prospects of long-term care nurses in Taiwan: evidence-based policy recommendations of professional nursing organizations. The Journal of Nursing, 69(3), 1–10.
  10. Baithesda, B., Chen, C. M.*, Juniarti, N., & Tandilangi, A.A. (2021). The age-friendly public health center satisfaction scale: Development and psychometric evaluation. International Journal of Health Governance, 26(4), 432-445.
  11. Im, E. O., Sakashita, R., Oh, E. G., Tsai, H. M., Chen, C. M., Lin, C. C., & McCauley, L. (2021). COVID-19 and nursing research across five countries/regions: commonalities and recommendations. Research in nursing & health44(5), 758–766.
  12. Hsieh, P. L., Chen, C. M. *, Chen, H. M., & Yang, F. C. (2021). Factors affecting preregistered nurses' willingness to serve in geriatric long-term care. Nursing open, 8(5), 2528–2535.
  13. Lin, M. Y., Cheng, S. F., Hou, W. H., Lin, P. C., Chen, C. M. & Tsai, P. S. * (2021).Mechanisms and effects of health coaching in patients with earlystage chronic kidney disease: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 53(2), 154-160.
  14. Kuo, M. C., Chen, C. M., Wu, F. G., Chen, C. H., Yin, Z. X., & Wang, C. Y. (2022). Use of photo diary and focus group to explore needs for digital disease management program among community older adults with chronic disease. Health & social care in the community30(3), 926–936.
  15. Rahayu, H. T. & Chen, C. M.* (2020). Psychometric testing of an Indonesian-version diabetes self-management instrument. Journal of Nursing Research, 28(6), 127.
  16. Yang, F. C., Chen, H. M., Huang, C. M., Hsieh, P. L., Wang, S. S. & Chen, C. M.* (2020). The difficulties and needs of organ transplant recipients during postoperative care at home:A systematic review. Int J Environ Res Public Health, 17(16), 5798.
  17. Widhowati, S. S., Chen, C. M. *, Chang, L. H., Lee, C. K. & Fetzer, S. (2020). Living alone, loneliness, and depressive symptoms among Indonesian older women. HEALTH CARE FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONAL 41(9), 984-996.
  18. Huang, L. H., Chen, C. M., Chen, S. F., & Wang, H. H. * (2020). Roles of nurses and national nurses associations in combating COVID19: Taiwan experience. International Nursing Review. International Nursing Review.00, 1-5.
  19. CHEN, S. F., HUANG, L. H., CHEN, C. M., CHUANG, T. H., PENG, M. T., & WANG, H. H.* (2020)The key role of Taiwanese nurses in combating COVID-19 pandemicThe Journal of Nursing, 67(3), 84-89
  20. Yang, F. C., Chen, H.M., Pong S.C., Chen C.H., Wang S.S. & Chen, C. M.* (2020).Difficulties and coping strategies of kidney-transplant recipients during their dark postoperative recovery stage after returning home. Transplantation Proceedings, 52(10), 3226-3230.
  21. Yang, F.C., Wang, S.S.*, Chen, H.M., Chen, C.H., Pong, S.C. & Chen, C.M.* (2020). Adaptation process of male kidney-transplant recipients during their dark postoperative recovery stage at home. Transplantation Proceedings, 52(10), 3221-3225.
  22. Chen, H. M., Yang, F. C., Hsieh, P. L., & Chen, C. M. * (2020). Effectiveness of motivational interviewing for improving continuity of care among stroke patients. Chung Shan Medical Journal, 31(2), 115-128.
  23. Chen, C. M. & Baithesda, B.* (2020). Primary healthcare utilization by the elderly: A secondary analysis of the 5th Indonesian family life survey. Working with Older People, 24(2), 81-94.
  24. Wang, Y. R., Lee, H. F., & Chen, C. M.* (2020). Validating a brief aging perception questionnaire (B-APQ) for older persons with chronic disease in Taiwan. Aging & Mental Health.
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