Dissertation Defense Exam
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Dissertation Defense Exam

To PhD students who would like to take Graduate exam at Fall Semester, 2022 & Spring Semester, 2023.  (Updated on NOV 10, 2022)

  • Application period: Deadline of department of nursing: DEC 23, 2022 (Fall semester, 2022); JUN 30 (Spring Semester, 2023) 
  • Time for Department of Nursing to go through the documents this semester:


Deadline of submission for IDPN students

Reviewing period for Department Committee members

suggested period for the exam

Fall Semester, 2022

NOV 11

NOV 14-18

(NCKU application: NOV 21-DEC 2)

After NOV 21

DEC 09

DEC 12-16

(NCKU application: DEC 19-30)

After DEC 26

DEC 23

DEC 26-30

(NCKU application: JAN 2-9)

After JAN 10

Spring Semester, 2023

FEB 10

FEB 13-17

(NCKU application: FEB 20-24)

After MAR 01

MAR 10

MAR 13-17

(NCKU application: MAR 20-24)

After MAR 27

APR 14

APR 17-21

(NCKU application: APR 24-28)

After MAY 01

MAY 12

MAY 15-19

(NCKU application: MAY 22-26)

After MAY 29

JUN 09

JUN 12-16

(NCKU application: JUN 19-23)

After JUN 26

JUN 30

JUL 03-07

(NCKU application: JUL 10-14)

After JUL 17

※In order to apply for relevant documents for students to take exam, please submit the required documents by the designated date and schedule the exam during the suggested period.

※ 線上學習Q&A (ncku.edu.tw)  含學位考試須知 

※As for applying for Ph.D. Dissertation Defense exam, please submit all required application documents to Department Office.  

※Please make good use of  'The Graduation Examination documents checklist'.

Required documents


First Step


Appendix 8-12 (Link)

1. Download from Student Handbook International Doctoral Program in Nursing.

2. Three of your dissertation Committee including your advisor shall sign on Appendix 9.10.12. 

3. The candidate's advisor cannot assume the role of convener.

4. Please read 'National Cheng Kung University Enforcement Rules for Doctoral and Master’s Degree Examinations' article 5 clause I before invite the professor be your examination committee member.


Abstract and certificate of oral/ poster presentation at International conference



English certificate


Relevant documents of published/ submitted paper


A copy of dissertation 


A copy of academic transcript issued by Curriculum Division

Please make sure the transcript is the latest one and sign at the bottom of transcript.


Turnitin report signed by advisor.

*Turnitin report: ExtractOriginality Report, deletereferenceand have the Turnitin Report signed by advisor. Similarity index shall not exceed 25%. Approved at the 2nd meeting of the Faculty meeting, Department of Nursing in the 2022-23 academic year on Oct. 3, 2022 111 學年度第 2 次系務會議通過 111.10.3

*Sample of Turnitin (Link) /Turnitin System: NCKU 成功大學-Library圖書館
8 Academic Ethics and Research Integrity Courses offered by Center for Taiwan Academic Research Ethics Education (AREE) 學術誠信課程認證表 This regulation is effectively imposed to all new students enrolled in the Fall semester of 2022. Students enrolled before Fall semester of 2022 don’t need to finish this. 111 學年入學生起適用,舊生無需準備

Second Step


Ph.D. Dissertation Defense Exam Announcement

Please revise and Email Ph.D. Dissertation Defense Exam Announcement (Link) to Department Office.


NCKU Qualification Examination of Ph.D. Application (Link)


Deadline of NCKU application

Deadline of score submission to NCKU


January 20

January 31


July 20

July 31


1. Online Qualification Examination Application Form (Link)

2. amending defense (Link)

※Information of Graduate exam on website of Curriculum Division: https://cid-acad.ncku.edu.tw/p/412-1042-1378.php?Lang=zh-tw

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