Leaving Campus (PhD students)
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Leaving Campus (PhD students)

Leaving Campus for Ph.D. students  (Updated on Nov 10, 2022)

Please appropriately schedule your oral defense and the date for the thesis/dissertation submission in order to facilitate the administratively school-leaving procedures.

Information about Graduation Procedure

1. Upload the Ph.D. Dissertation:

1.1 Please consult NCKU library for the regulation and manual for their uploading system.

1.2 Thesis upload log in: http://etds.lib.ncku.edu.tw/en/etdsystem/submit/submitLogin

Use your NCKU email account to upload. (If you have not yet activated your NCKU email account, please go to the Computer and Network Center to apply for your NCKU email with your student ID card before uploading your thesis; NCKU computer center is located next to the Main NCKU library in Cheng Kung Campus.)

Please combine the multiple files into one PDF file before uploading. The PDF file does not need to add watermark, DOI, and security settings.

The Graduation Examination Report should be placed on the first page of the thesis.

The uploading process as 1a7e75ca-c745-11eb-9773-00505681348a.pdf (ncku.edu.tw)

This process will take approximately 3-5 days for approval.

National Cheng Kung University Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ncku.edu.tw)

2. Leaving process

2.1 After successfully uploading the thesis, you will get a link for the authorization form the library website to your email. Print “Digital Thesis On-Line Authorization Form” out. It must be signed by your advisor and you.

2.2 Graduation Procedure System http://campus1.ncku.edu.tw/leave/ .

Enter Student ID & Password → Student Search Result OK → Print out Graduation Procedure Form to start school leaving process (Please proceed according to the procedure on the form).

2.3The clearance form needs 3 stamps by the following, and for you to submit thesis copies:



Department Office

Please fill in online survey before leaving campus

1. Evaluation of IDPN graduating students’ education outcome (Link)

2. Evaluation of IDPN learning environment and resources at the department (Link)

3. IDPN alumni (Link)

Please Submit the following documents to Department of Nursing:

1. 1 hardback(精裝版), with black cover page; white font color

2. 1 paperback(平裝版), with orange cover page (Reference color number CMYK:C0,M40,Y80,K0 or RGB:R247,G181,B115); black font color

*We will hand your dissertation to (1) Register Division (2) Nursing Department.

3. Application for Embargo of Thesis/Dissertation 國家圖書館學位紙本論文延後公開申請書 (Link)

NCKU Library

Return books, hand in 1 hardback, with black cover page; white font color (精裝版) to the library and the signed copyright form of your thesis

Office of International Affair (OIA)

Return ARC card (Only for International students)

Registrar Division

Hand in student ID card and receive Certificate of Graduation

Graduates have to complete the “School Leaving Procedure” before starting day of next semester. Otherwise, it is required to pay the tuition fee of next semester.





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