Education Objectives
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Education Objectives

      The mission of the Department is the teaching and development of evidence-based practice through practice and research. The nursing process focusing on client problems is a central element in teaching. Students are taught within the structure of the nursing environment, the influence of health care policy, and the concepts of individual integrity and continuity. The faculty strives to assist students to be self-motivated with attributes of critical thinking and good judgment. Students are expected to become qualified nurses who are knowledgeable, skilled and ethical health care providers.

     The need for nurses with advanced education in southern Taiwan, together with the changing of needs of the health care system, prompted the establishment of a graduate nursing program in 1999. By educating local clinical nursing professionals, new models of care are developed and tested. By providing leadership in the nursing profession, the Department strives to improve the quality of nursing. In addition to preparing nurse leaders, academic researchers, clinical professionals, and future educators, the Department supports our national medical and health care planning to provide an education environment and technology to support the education of clinical health professionals in southern Taiwan.

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