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About Us


Based on the philosophy of the University“ Pursue and Gain the True Science”, the Department hold “Empathy, Respect, Responsibility, Caring” as concepts central to its philosophy. It is our goal to cultivate  professional nursing leaders who are self-motivated independent, decisive, creative, critical thinkers;Graduates possess current nursing knowledge and clinical skills applied with a caring spirit. The Enjoyment of life-long learning is promoted.


The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program was established in 1989, the Master of Science in Nursing program was initiated in 1999, and Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing program offered through the Institute of Allied Health Sciences, began 2003.

§Academic Areas

Faculty members specialize in a variety of including Bioethics, Health Care Informatics, Oncology Nursing, Family Nursing, Hospice Care, Gerontological Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Long-term Care, Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing, Health Promotion, Genetics, Chronic Disease Care, Behavioral Science Research, HIV/AIDS Care, Gender and Women Research, Physiologic Parameters Research, and Autistic Children and Family Research.


To fulfill our mission, the Department actively promotes collaboration with affiliated hospitals in education, research, and service;developing innovative teaching strategies such as on-line learning, small group teaching,and English lecture teaching; seeks out activity to promote international health. We seek to serve the people of Taiwan and the world.

Faculty members specialize on a variety of clinical areas including oncology, family, gerontological, hospice, community, psychiatric, mental health, pediatric, neonatal and women’s health nursing.

Students experiences occur in acute care, long-term care, community health center and out patient clinics. Faculty research interests also include bioethics, health care informatics HIV/AIDS care, gender studies and autism.(http://en.nursing.ncku.edu.tw/files/11-1300-8978.php)

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