Lai, Wei-Shu Graduate Student
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Lai, Wei-Shu Graduate Student



Thesis Title


Tai, Chin-Nan

Exploring the current status of the post-mortem care by nursing professionals in an Intensive Care Unit


Huang, Shih-Ling

Exploring the experiences and needs of impending death discharge among cancer patients’ families

Liao, Fu-Hsin

Exploring the impact of free flap reconstruction on obstructive sleep apnea of patients with oral and oropharynx cancer: A preliminary study


Liu, Li-Chen

Development of “Integration of Postmortem Care and Acute Bereavement Care” entrustable professional activities

Wu, Man-Ting

Development of a bereavement risk assessment tool


Wu, Yuan-Ting

The effectiveness of grief intervention in reducing the prolonged grief disorder of bereaved family members: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Lin, Yi-Hsin

Experience and demand of death preparations for significant others of terminal cancer patients

Nguyen Thi Dan

Nurses’ difficulties and self-reported practices about palliative care for cancer patients in Vietnam


Chiu, Tzu-Yun

Assessing the feasibility, acceptability and potential effectiveness of dignity therapy for patients with terminal cancer in Taiwan

Han, Ying-Fang

Evaluation of the reliability and validity of the bereavement risk assessment tool


Chang, Yu-Jou

The experience and care needs on undergoing fellow patients’ death in cancer patients during hospitalization: A descriptive phenomenology study

Liu, Shi-Chia

Development and evaluation of “medical telephone  communication” entrustable professional activities

Huang, Yu-Syuan

The effectiveness of artificial intelligence chatbox for hypertension management in Taiwan


Mahdiansyah Priska Ekayanti

Effectiveness of dignity therapy on dignity-related distress in long-term care patients: A systematic review

Pham Duc Tuan

Dignity and its influencing factors in patients with cancer in Vietnam


Effectiveness of dignity therapy to enhance sense of dignity in terminal non-cancer patients

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