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Our Logo

The teaching goals of Nursing Department include development of nursing leaders with professional nursing knowledge, skills and a high degree of enthusiasm in services. Therefore, besides possessing the spirit in learning and teaching, one should also have the passion in service. As nursing care deals with people, thus, interaction techniques and nature of helping become crucial conditions for first-rate nurses.

In November 1989, the nursing faculty adopted concepts of“Empathy, Respect, Responsibility, and Caring” as key to the central philosophy of the department. Students were invited to submit a design for the departments logo. Gratitude was shown to all the nursing students, nursing and medicine colleagues for an enthusiastic response; Ms. Xiao-Jing’s design was chosen with modifications by Ms. Li of the audio-visual center.

The hands at the center of the emblem indicate that empathy and respect between human interactions, The heart indicates care. The flame indicates responsibility and commitment.The four symbols are imbedded within the university’s logo.  

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