Fang, Su-Ying Graduate Student
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Fang, Su-Ying Graduate Student





Nai-Tzu Kuo

Dyadic Involvement in Decision Making for Receiving Breast Reconstruction: Body Image and Decision Regret of Breast Cancer Survivors



Benny Arief Sulistyanto

Knowledge about Wound Management among Hospital Nurses in Indonesia

Hui-Chen Huang

The effect of elevating head of bed for patients with esophageal cancer suffered from nocturnal reflux symptom after esophagectomy and reconstruction

Ting-Chun Chen

Care needs of the adult daughters whose mothers with breast cancer




Yu-Lin Wang

Effect of Using eHealth Technology to Establish a Tailored Survivorship Care Plan for Breast Cancer Survivors

I-Hsuan Shih

Translated title of the thesis: The Impact of Physical Symptom and Psychological Distress on Unmet Needs among Breast Cancer Survivors with Different Survival Stage

Sofyan Indrayana

Relationships between Ilness Perspection and Foot Care Practice among Indonesian Patients

Made Manik Elisa Putri

Gender Differences of Body Image and Quality of life among Patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcer in Indonesia


Pin-Jun Lin

Effect of using an application as a decision aid for breast reconstructive surgery among women newly diagnosed breast cancer

Yi-Chan Liu

The relationship between cognitive function in patients with brain tumor and cognitive care ability of their caregivers

Dewi Anggraini

An Exploration of Sexuality and Related Factors among Breast Cancer Survivors in Indonesia


Hsiao-Fen Chang



Tai-Chun Hou

The Relationship between Dyatic Communication and Body Image among Women with Breast Cancer 

Deni Yasmara

Psychosocial Needs of Nurse Caring for Patients with Malignant Fungating Wounds (MFWs) 



Yi-Ting Tsai

Coping Style as a Moderator between Cancer Worry and Psychological Distress in Women at High-Risk Familial Breast Cancer 

Nai-Chen Lu

Phung Van Du

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